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Melissa's edition


It seems this guy is very tractable. With an edition of 100 pages of his
poetry, you're going to have a humongus book to deal with. I had a customer
come to me with a manuscript about that size, and I convinced him the a
'trilogy" would be ever so chic and cool. It was a much easier book to sew.
I put them in wrappers rather than hard covers (easier and cheaper)and did
some nice digital illustrations based on his photographs of his garden. He
was thrilled and I had an easy and pleasant time doing it (except for
typesetting and proofing his awful poetry!).

Just set up an assembly line type operation and keep good records so the
next time someone comes at you with the same proposition, you'll just whip
out your records and talk with authority.

If you'd like a copy of the custom book estimate for that I use, I'll be
glad to send you one for reference to get you started and help you establish
the price.



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