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Re: Cyrano de Bergerac Centenial

Yes, I know this is an old thread--but I just got my copy of the flyer,
and thought I'd allay at least one of the worries that came up when
everyone else got theirs.  Though I can't say anything about the quality

of the printing, or the conscientiousness of the shipping department,
the strange sentence in the English section of the flyer saying the
play's text was "reedited" in this printing is almost certainly a
mistranslation.  The French word really means "republished", and the
sentence in French goes on to say that it contains the _complete_ text
of the 1898 printing, though the english version of that clause is kind
of vague.  As one who loves the play and, on principle, hates anything
abridged, this was my largest concern, so I thought others might be glad

to hear it as well.  (Now I just have to think about the price and the
work involved.)


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