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Re: Need some help, advice...


        I was about to send you some info on how I bind editions when I re-read your post and saw that
this guy wants you to publish (design, print) and bind his work, and that commercial shops are
too expensive. This person assumes that since you are a small concern you can do the work for
less. It's a common misconception, but nonetheless it's irritating. If one does quality work by
hand, with decent materials, the price >will< be higher than for an equivalent production from a
mechanized firm.
        One thing you can do is to ask what kind of prices he got from the publishers he contacted. If
other quotes seem reasonable to you, then you probably won't be able to undercut them. If you do
decide to take on the project, then you can apply the good advice you've gotten so far regarding
pricing such a project. And, of course, a lot depends on the structure you choose ( I'm only
concerning myself with the binding now): hard or soft cover; perfect bound or sewn; if sewn, by
hand or machine; and on and on...
It seems to me this is the kind of a project for which a Kinko's or other such copying emporium
would be appropriate; and I wouldn't hesitate to respectfully advise someone to go that route.
        OK, after all that negativism, I know that there are jobs one takes just to stretch one's
abilities; and to take something on for more than money can be a justifiable risk. An edition of
60 or even 100 copies is not an overwhelming task. If you like, contact me offlist and I'll be
glad to let you know how I go about it. I've done a few editions in my time...

Good luck


Don Rash fine bookbinder
50 Burke St.
Plains, PA 18705
email: dnrash@xxxxxxxx
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