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Re: Melissa's query

<<You say, he is asking you to "publish and bind" his book. Do you mean
print, or do you in fact mean publish? Publishing is a whole different
animal than printing. When you publish the book, you are assuming the
financial costs and risks of production and promotion. When you print a
book, you are simply doing the manufacturing of the book, to be sold to a
publisher who is assuming the risk of selling them.>>


I thank you for the clarification of the words PUBLISH and PRINT....as I
stated earlier....not having much experience with a project of this
magnitude, I can't talk intelligently about it.  I did however in my
conversation ask him what he intends to do with so many copies of the
book...expecting him to answer with something like 'gifts'.  Instead he
said he plans to send them to every library in three counties, and in
general create some 'hoopla' (his word not mine) in the local papers by
sending a book and a "press release" to them...all in the hopes of
recognition.  Believe me....I have no intention of promoting this fellow.

<<review? If you review it, you are judging its merit, and might be
to assume some or all of the risk. If you give him a quote that will
fairly and adequately compensate you for supplies, time and include a
small but fair profit, for 60-100 copies of a 100-page book, you are
talking multi-thousands of dollars.>>

I am only reviewing it for possibilities for layout and design...not
content....and explained that to give him a quote without actually seeing
the work in its present form would be impossible. Did I do the right thing?
 I tried very hard to get this fellow to come to my studio with the
work....because I have a feeling that what I "DO" and what he may have a
preconceived notion of what he "WANTS" are two completely different
animals.  I explained repeatedly over the phone that I am a HAND Binder of
Artist Books....that I DO NOT do machine or fine binding.  That my books
are essentially not what some would see as the traditional "library book".
Either he wasn't listening well...or didn't care....It was extremely hard
for me to tell.  I tried asking him outright if he understands what I am
saying, but was met with a change of subject.

At this point I am half tempted to call him back today and try to clarify
these things with him.  He was not at all interested in coming to my
studio...which I really encouraged him to do.  He did not ask me for
references, nor want to see ANY samples of my work.  He seems to be very
one track minded....get it made into a book no matter what.  It always
makes me very nervous when people are like that...I like to have an
opportunity to meet face to face....give them work to hold and inspect
before doing ANYTHING at all.....he doesn't want to cooperate in that
respect.  I feel a little helpless....and somewhat at the mercy of his bull
headedness.......not a good way to start out.

Would it be totally obnoxious of me to call him back...even before I have a
copy of the work in question...probably yes....but the more I think about
our conversation the more nervous I feel about the "business" end of it.

Can I print and bind 60-100 copies of the same book?.....I have a lot of
fancy equipment here at home....I have a fabulous computer system....state
of the art scanner...a great high end deskjet that has never let me down,
software coming out of my ears...including optical character resolution
software which would make turning the manuscript into a "workable" format
easy...but will my deskjet withstand this kind of job?  Don't know.  From
the point of view of my abilities in binding....I feel confident with my
skills...and the options that I could offer to him.

One more thing...... :)

A very valuable lesson I have learned so far...

A little advertising is a VERY dangerous thing!  I recently took out a very
small ad in a monthly specialty section of a local weekly paper.  I was
very excited that I had finally found a way to reasonably advertise my
studio.....now I'm thinking that "word of mouth" wasn't so bad after
all...LOL!  By the way....the ad didn't say ANYTHING about doing vanity
press work....just that I make handbound books, journals and albums....go

Central NY

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