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Melissa's query

As a graphic artist/illustrator/etc, I've come across way too many of the
type of client that you describe. To underscore some of the points that
were mentioned:
- get a signed contract in writing, stating amount of payment, and when it
is due, as well as what exactly you will and wont do for him.
- if he continues to change the subject when you bring up an uncomfortable
point for you, state it to him in a letter, and keep copies.
- be sure to factor in "nusance" fees, fees for any sub-contracting you may
have to do, storage for his pages, as well as extra for any prototypes,
mock-ups etc. - State in your contract "changes to the agreed upon
materials, price, size of edition . . . are not covered by this contract,
and will be billed out at such-and-such a price, or will be covered in an
additional contract."
- I've also raised the initial price due at the beginning of the job at
times, when I'm not sure if the client is going to come through at the end.
- If he really wants a hand-made book, then he'll make the effort to come
to your studio. If he doesn't, and is on just some kind of ego trip, then
wash your hands of it - and suggest someone else!
Good luck!!!
Painted Turtle Design

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