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Re: Peter Sramek's page

Pat Baldwin wrote:
> =

> Peter:
> =

> I mean it, I don't think I've ever seen a web page designed quite like =
> and I do a lot of surfing. Did you write the page yourself?
> =

> I think I've mentioned it before, but after I put up my webpages for Pe=
> Press books, I went from 12% of total book sales being Internet related=
> 20% this last year. It takes a lot of networking, but it really works!
> =

> Pat

Yes, the pages are written in html directly after tryng to visualize how
to build the gallery environment out of 2-d image files. It is done with
html tables and playing with spacing. it is done in such away that it is
not hard to drop in a new exhibition.
 -- =

Peter Sramek
Book=B0Sequence Gallery

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