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Re: Melissa's query

        Just had to write and second Don's opinion. I think the problem is the
client and not the job. If the job will be a learning experience for
you, this guy does not sound like the kind of person you want to learn
with. He hasn't listened to anything you've said yet and probably never
will. While there are rare occasions when a client will surprise you-
turn out much easier to work with than you thought, it's extremely rare.
It's kind of like the advice they give about marriage- don't think
you'll be able to change him once you're married. If the prospective
client is pushy and doeasn't listen to you, he or she won't get any
better as the project goes on.
        My experience with this kind of work was calligraphy, not bookbinding,
for about ten years. My favorite strange client was a guy who asked me
to write a wedding proposal. It worked and he got married. About 3 or 4
years later, he called me back to ask if I still had a copy of the
words. He was divorced and proposing to someone else and his ex-wife
wouldn't give him back the original proposal. A real charmer.
        Best of luck and keep us posted. I think your posting made lots of us
think back.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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