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Re: Melissa's query

>Would it be totally obnoxious of me to call him back...even before I have a
>copy of the work in question...probably yes....but the more I think about
>our conversation the more nervous I feel about the "business" end of it.

You've obviously touched a chord (cord?) with folks on the list. There's
almost enough info here to write a Do's & Don'ts page!

Obnoxious? Well, ask yourself whether you want to work with someone who
doesn't even listen to your comments, and won't even look at your work?
Pat's, Don's and others experiences have delineated the horrors that occur
when taking work that should be avoided.

This job sounds like it will be an opportunity for you to:

Lose money
Learn to hate working for others
Distrust yourself because you didn't listen to your intuition
Hate books
Hate people
Want to sell insurance or write actuarial tables ;-)

Good luck!

Nicholas G. Yeager 51 Warren St.#2 NY, NY 10007 212.346.9609

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