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Update from Melissa

Well folks,

First off, I can't possibly thank you all enough for every bit of help each
of you has contributed to my query.  It certainly means an awful lot to me
to know that all I truly have to do is ask.  You are a wonderful group, and
you have my whole hearted thanks.

This morning I prepared a list of topics that I wanted to discuss with the
gentlemen in question about his poetry work and my work.  I won't bore you
with them, but basically I wanted to get some specific ideas on what his
notion of a book was..and what sort of binding he might wish to
have....whether he planned on having illustrations.  I started off the
conversation with this, in the hopes that I could convince him to at least
view my work...even if it meant sending him an actual book to look at
it....at my cost....(which he declined by the way).  I also wanted him to
be aware that although I may be manufacturing the book HE was indeed the
publisher...and was that something he understood.

I had hopes that this conversation would indeed go well.  I felt prepared
with my 'cheat sheet' at hand to refer to.  They did not.  I explained that
I had done quite a bit of thinking about our conversation and was truly
interested in trying to help him with his project any way I could.  Right
off the bat I was thrown for a loop.

He basically said that he wasn't sure now if he "really" wanted to do this
or not.  Today his mind set was leaning towards the "not"...but tomorrow he
may change his mind again.  He said that he often bounces back and forth
between the "do it" and "don't do it" mindset.  Well...I tried my darndest
to tell him that he didn't necessarily have to commit to doing such a vast
quantity of books.  That it was my "professional opinion" :) that he may be
happier with doing just a few at a time.  In other words...let me make you
a few books...come to my studio, I can show you all the wonderful formats
we might be able to employ....we could work together to give your poetry
the finest presentation it deserves.....

and what did I get..... a reiteration of...well it's not my mindset today.
I told him I was sorry to hear that...and that if he ever truly decides to
publish his own work...perhaps he should rethink his game plan of having a
Highly skilled artist (BIG GRIN) work on his project.  That if he thought
that the work would be cheaper or more cost effective by hiring an artist
as opposed to a publisher...he was mistaken.  Of course this is clipped and
rude sounding here...but I assure you I said it with my sweetest smile
voice.  :)

I have learned many lessons from this experience...
number one.....knowing that you folks are so willing to help!
Number two.....trust my instincts...
I am sure that if there is one fellow like this willing to make a cold
call....there will be more....and I have to learn the right questions to
ask...the right way to present myself, and my work.  And all of you
wonderful people have surely gotten me off on the right foot.

I am feeling a little let down by the whole episode.....but I am better
prepared because of it, and in the end that is all that truly matters.

With much respect and gratitude...and I couldn't be more sincere when I say

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