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Re: Update from Melissa


I hate to send out another message, but you distill a very important
principle that I teach my students on a regular basis when they struggle
with research topics.  Harry Harlow (now deceased but at that time
distinguished professor at the University of Wisconsin; you may remember
his  widely known research on the rhesus monkeys raised on terry cloth or
wire mother surrogates) once was talking with me about selecting research
topics (or, in your case, book arts jobs) that the task is NOT knowing
what research to do, but knowing what research NOT to do.

Ray *

On Tue, 19 May 1998, Melissa L. Hatalsky wrote:

> Matt and all,
> Yes, Matt...you are indeed right.  I am feeling MUCH better today....the
> part that had me feeling a bit down was the loss of such a wonderful
> challenge...but I have indeed learned so much from everyone's advice and
> suggestions.  I hope you all don't mind....but each one has been saved to
> disk for future reference.  I am still in awe of the out pouring of
> support.
> Many thanks,
> Missy

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