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Looking for Translaters

Hello everybody,
I am a german bookbinder. I wrote a couple of books about bookbinding (one book was
translated to english: "How to make books and boxes"). I have a website which contents
several informations about bookbinding, marbling, papermaking ...
I want to translate my site to the english language. Because my english is not the best (as
you see in this mail) I am looking for people who want to translate my site (or parts of the
site). In exchange I would translate your site to the german language.
Greetings from the south of germany

Peter Baumgartner Schloßstraße 29 79189 Biengen Germany
Telefon: 07633 949025 Fax: 07633 948957
Internet: http://home.t-online/home/baumgartner.papierdesign

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