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Creative Bindings of Classic Literature

Hello all,

I am in the process of assembling my (virtual) mini-exhibit of creative
and unusual bindings of classic literature titles.  While I have received
a response from a few of you on this list, I wanted to post this call one
last time to see if there are any others out there who might have some
work they would like exhibited.

This exhibit--limited to titles from classic literature--will be an
article in the June 1st issue of Incorporated Words, a web magazine
publishing creative introductions to great literature.  Every issue, we
try to do a visual-arts related piece in our BookJacket column.  A book
or story interpreted through the eyes of a visual artist. (After all,
what *really* sells a book other than the Book Jacket? <grin>)

Anyway, if anyone else is interested in participating, I'm looking for
pictures (already online or scanned) along with a descriptive paragraph
or two.  The picture is linked to your own web page and we include an
email link as well.  Unfortunately, as of right now, Incorporated Words
cannot offer any cash compensation for reproducing your work on our web
site; however, we hope that our readers might generate a little traffic
to your web page.

If you'd like to see the current issue online, its URL is:


The new issue will be out by June 1st.  Since I'm working on it right
now, I would need your pictures and text ASAP.  Please email me at
timkra@xxxxxxxxx if you'd like to participate, or if you have any



http://www.geocities.com/athens/parthenon/9751/  INCWORDS MAGAZINE

http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/4770/  TIMKRA BOOK ARTS

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