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Re: patron saints of book binding

  He's not on the official Vatican list, but my personal nomination for
the patron saint of books (in general) is Fintan of Moville.  In Irish
hagiographical lore he has a checkered career, though famed as a great
teacher and scholar. He's the guy that provoked the battle over the
Cathach (an illicit copy made of one of Fintan's books by Columba) in
which several hundred people were reported killed.  Remorse over the
devastation sent Columba to voluntary exile at Iona.  Fintan brought the
first copy of Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible (known as the
Vulgate)to Ireland by exchanging a copy of Isadore's Etymologies for it
somewhere on the continent.  Fintan also arranged a tryst for a Pictish
princess with a friend of his she was interested in when she promised
him some books if he'd do it.  If some one came to visit him at Moville,
Fintan wouldn't let him leave until copies had been made of any books
the visitor had which were not already in the Moville library.   For
better or worse, he's your basic bibliophile type.........
   Dorothy Africa

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