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Icky Sticky Gooey Yucky Poster Restoration

I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but I wouldn't know who else to ask,
and I know there's a lot of you out there with experience in restoration.

I have an old poster that's somewhat collectible, however it was apparently
put up somewhere with tape and stuff. Most of the tape is gone now
(although there's still a few pieces stuck to it), but where tape once was
it's all sticky and stuff.

So, I have two questions: (1) is there any way to remove the tape that's
still there without tearing the paper; and (2) is there any way to get rid
of the stickiness that is there from where the tape used to be?

I haven't had a chemistry set since I was a little kid, so I don't have
access to all kinds of weird things, but I was hoping that there might be
some simple and easy, "do-it-yourself-at-home" way to fix this up as much
as possible without, of course, making matters even worse.

Thanks *very* much to any and all help or suggestions you might be able to

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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