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Re: Icky Sticky

There are a number of solvents which work, more or less, on pressure
sensitive adhesive tapes (such as Scotch tape, masking tape, electrician's
tape, etc.), but there are a few very good reasons for not using them.

In the first place, they are toxic, and if the operator is not familiar
with the hazards and safeguards it is best to leave well enough alone.

In the second place, many inks are sensitive to the solvents which *may*
release *some* adhesives.

In my reference collection there a couple of books covering a span of only
17 years which contain nothing but patent specs. on pressure sensitive
adhesive formulations.  And the techniques for solvent removal of these
adhesives are rapidly changing.

A useful book for anyone using solvents is _Lange's Handbook of Poisoning_.

There are many other books (I have 35-40 volumes on this subject) and more
than a few web pages, for instance: Conservation OnLine (CoOl) Health and
Safety section: (http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/bytopic/health/) and Center
for Safety in the Arts (http://artswire.org:70/1/csa)

Just remember, most solvents which work on pressure sensitive adhesives
also work on your short term memory, liver, and central nervous system.

They also are good for removing grease from your hands.  If you don't mind
not remembering why you wanted to clean your hands in the first place....


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


The lyf so short; the craft so long to lerne.

Chaucer, _The Parlement of Foules_  1386 AD

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