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Problems - Book Art Catalogue

Due to a horrendous problem with my computer (which is preventing it from
running Windows 95) I am afraid that I have not been in a position to
update the Book Arts Catalogue recently, and may not be able to do so
until I've sorted my system out.

I should not have lost any of the Catalogue additions, since I had
recently backed up my E-Mails - and Peter was sent copies of any
submissions through the Web Page Submission Form.  However, at the moment
I can't get to any of this data as neither my E-Mail nor my HTML
Word-Processing software will run without Windows 95.

Depending upon the difficulty and cost of getting my system fixed, I
should be back to normal operations at some time in the future - and I
will update the Book Arts Catalogue as soon as I can.

Apologies to anybody who has been left waiting.


Thomas Larque.

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