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Re: Icky Sticky

Does acetone cause short term memory loss?

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From: Jack C. Thompson <tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Monday, May 25, 1998 3:48 AM
Subject: Re: Icky Sticky

>There are a number of solvents which work, more or less, on pressure
>sensitive adhesive tapes (such as Scotch tape, masking tape, electrician's
>tape, etc.), but there are a few very good reasons for not using them.
>In the first place, they are toxic, and if the operator is not familiar
>with the hazards and safeguards it is best to leave well enough alone.
>In the second place, many inks are sensitive to the solvents which *may*
>release *some* adhesives.
>In my reference collection there a couple of books covering a span of only
>17 years which contain nothing but patent specs. on pressure sensitive
>adhesive formulations.  And the techniques for solvent removal of these
>adhesives are rapidly changing.
>A useful book for anyone using solvents is _Lange's Handbook of Poisoning_.
>There are many other books (I have 35-40 volumes on this subject) and more
>than a few web pages, for instance: Conservation OnLine (CoOl) Health and
>Safety section: (http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/bytopic/health/) and Center
>for Safety in the Arts (http://artswire.org:70/1/csa)
>Just remember, most solvents which work on pressure sensitive adhesives
>also work on your short term memory, liver, and central nervous system.
>They also are good for removing grease from your hands.  If you don't mind
>not remembering why you wanted to clean your hands in the first place....
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