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Re: Icky Sticky Gooey Yucky Poster Restoration

I have a few different suggestions:  You may try a tacking iron, this works
well for scotch tape, I would practice on some other things before trying this
on your poster.

Rubber cement pickup "erasers" work wonderfully for picking up sticky tape
residue.  You can pretty much find them at any art supply store, and they are
very cheap, usually around 1-2 dollars.

If the tape residue is dried and no longer tactile you can use methyl cellulose
paste/gel and apply it to the taped area, enough to cover the area but not too
liberally.  Test the area after about 15 minutes or so depending on the
strength of the adhesive and you should be able to begin, ever so gently,
scraping and removing the adhesive with a micro-spatula or whatever tool you
prefer.  Be careful the paper will be vulnerable because it is wet.  After
removing the glue and the methyl cellulose, you can place (in this order)
reemay, blotter paper, board of some sort, glass and acrylic are fine, then a
weight, and let the paper dry.  When you remove the boards and weight the paper
will have dried nice and flat.

You can use this method of removal for all types of adhesives, it even works on
PVA.  It is how I clean off spines for books that are being recased.  It works
wonderfully and leaves you with a nice clean textblock to work with.   I have
also used this type of reversal when I have made a mistake in binding
something, not like any of us ever make mistakes, an example could be gluing
the title on the spine upside down, etc.  You can find any of the materials I
have mentioned in the Gaylord Archival Catalog.  (1-800-634-6307)

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions you can email me directly.

Jennifer Gorman
(317) 845-7814

BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 05/22/98 08:39:55 AM
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Subject: Re: Icky Sticky Gooey Yucky Poster Restoration

You can use a Crepe Rubber Cement Pickup (looks like a crepe eraser) to
lift off the "sticky gooey residue".  It is available from Dick Blick
Art Materials;  1-800-621-8293;  catalog number 587900;  $0.99 each.
Where the substrait remains I would use ethanol to remove the carrier,
followed by cleaning the sticky residue with the crepe eraser.  (As
always, use proper precautions when using ethanol.)  Hope this helps.

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> Subject:      Icky Sticky Gooey Yucky Poster Restoration
> I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but I wouldn't know who else to
> ask,
> and I know there's a lot of you out there with experience in
> restoration.
> I have an old poster that's somewhat collectible, however it was
> apparently
> put up somewhere with tape and stuff. Most of the tape is gone now
> (although there's still a few pieces stuck to it), but where tape once
> was
> it's all sticky and stuff.
> So, I have two questions: (1) is there any way to remove the tape
> that's
> still there without tearing the paper; and (2) is there any way to get
> rid
> of the stickiness that is there from where the tape used to be?
> I haven't had a chemistry set since I was a little kid, so I don't
> have
> access to all kinds of weird things, but I was hoping that there might
> be
> some simple and easy, "do-it-yourself-at-home" way to fix this up as
> much
> as possible without, of course, making matters even worse.
> Thanks *very* much to any and all help or suggestions you might be
> able to
> provide.
> Ron :)
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