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Re: philadelphia resources

> I'm down in philadelphia for a month or so & am wondering where the
> best places are for bookmaking supplies, esp. papermakers who are
> affordable.  I know of no bookbinding resources here and am sure
> there must be many!

Hmmm... Best sources for general supplies are Pearl Paint, 417 South
St, (215) 238-1900 and Taws, 1527 Walnut St.  (215) 563-8742. Both
have a mind boggling assortment of papers. Both have bookbinding
supplies, but I think only Pearl has Davey board.

As for papermakers, I don't know any but one starting point may be
RittenhouseTown, which bills itself as the site of the nations's first
papermill and still offers papermaking workshops. Phone # of Friends
of RittenhouseTown is (215) 441-8789.

neil kohl
neilkohl@xxxxxxxxxx |             "A long quiet like a purge and then
philadelphia, pa    |    a contemplation and decision of future roads,
usa                 |                 that is what to look forward to."
                    |                       - T.E. Lawrence, 15.vi.18

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