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Re: Looking for a number of binding figures

I can only tell you about the few of these whom I know.
Hope this helps.

> From: Don Hosek <dhosek@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Looking for a number of binding figures
> Date: Friday, May 29, 1998 9:39 PM
> I'm trying to track down the following. Last known locations are given in
> parentheses after each name:
> Anthony Bliss (Berkeley)
> James Brockman
> Betty Lou Chaika (Oakland)
> Carolyn Coman & Nancy Southworth (NH)
> Don Etherington (HRC, Austin)
> Deborah Everts (UK)
> Sun Evrard (Paris)
> Colin Franklin (UK)
> Donald Glaister (SF)
> Berthold Hack (Germany)
> Angela James (UK)
> Trevor Jones (UK)
> Heidi Kyle (NY)
> Denise Y. Lubett (UK)

> Bernard C. Middleton (UK?)  Still lives near London.  Have had recent
correspondence from him.

> Kirsten Tina Miura (Japan)

> John Franklin Mowery (Washington DC) Don't know specifically about Frank,
but his wife, Cynthia, heads up the company Bookmakers, which recently took
over Karen Crisalli's Bookbinder's Warehouse, and she agreed to pass my
greetings on to Frank after taking my order.

> Bruce Schnabel (NY)

> Janice Mae Schopfer & Eleanor Ramsey (SF) Don't know Schopfer, but
Eleanore (note spelling) is still working and teaching in S.F.  Took a
class from her in tool-making last fall

> J. C. Sheehan (NM)
> Philip Smith (OK)
> Sally Lou Smith (UK)
> Julie Beinecke Stackpole (MA)
> Peter Waters (LOC)
> Michael Wilcox (SF?)
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> -dh
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