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Re: Looking for a number of binding figures

Don Hosek wrote:
> =

> I'm trying to track down the following. Last known locations are given =
> parentheses after each name:
> =

For the UK folks you can try contacting David Sellars, he will have
addresses for most of them I imagine:

David Sellars <dgsellars@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(he was subscribed to this list).

> Deborah Everts (UK)  (mispelled last name I think - but what it is exac=
tly I won't try to guess)
> Colin Franklin (UK)
> Angela James (UK)
> Trevor Jones (UK)
> Denise Y. Lubett (UK)
> Bernard C. Middleton (UK?)
> Philip Smith (OK)
> Sally Lou Smith (UK)

note Heidi is really Hedi Kyle

Hope this helps.

-- =

Peter Sramek
Book=B0Sequence Gallery

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