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Oakland CA 6/6 open studio reminder

With apologies for any duplications....

If you are anywhere near Oakland, California this weekend, please come:

Saturday 6 June, noon to 4 pm
Center for Visual Art
713 Washington St. between 7th & 8th in downtown Oakland CA

(The "almost" is because it's not in my studio, & it's only one afternoon
instead of all weekend.)

CVA is just around the corner from ProArts (who sponsors the official Open
Studios that weekend) & also just across Broadway from Chinatown, so you
can come by after dim sum.

Letterpress & photocopy artists' books, poetic postcards & notecards, fun
pencils, obsessive fiber experiments. Plenty of new work, including more
groovy "cheap art" items for under $3! (& compulsively color-sorted m&ms to
snack on...)

Hope to see you there!

  * * * * *
Oh, & one other thing:
WRITING CLASS at San Francisco Center for the Book
I will be teaching a 2-evening class in July. This is a writing class
especially for visual artists who use (or want to use) words in their
artwork. For more information contact the Center: info@xxxxxxxx or
  * * * * *

Indigo Som  ***  bitchy buddha press  ***  indigos@xxxxxxxxxx

We don't have choice, but we do have selection! -- Karen Steward

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