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Re: Melissa's Advice

        There are always folks who:
         1. Don't know the trade
         2. Think their stuff is important
         3. Want special attention, now.

        A few years ago CBS Sunday Morning featured a segment on Williamsburg
Colonial Village, in Virginia.  One of the craftsmen shown was a blacksmith
who said, "My daddy told me there are two ways of getting to Hell:  Beating
on cold iron, and not charging enough."
        When I operated a picture framing studio in the early 1980's I did museum
grade framing and charged for it.  When one of my friends asked if he sent
me someone with a picture to do "would you give them a good deal?"
        Keeping the blacksmith in mind, as I do to this day, I replied, "No, but
I'll give him the best framing work he'll find anywhere around here!"
        I agree with Melissa that jobs of this size are intimidating, and only
someone with plenty of time on their hands should even consider a 40 - 60
piece set to bind.  There are plenty of commercial binders around with the
equipment and staff to do this sort of project   One very good one is Mel
Kavin's Kater-Craft Bindery, at 4860 Gregg Rd., Pico Rivera, Calif. 90660,
ph. 310-692-0665.
        Mel, himself, is more or less retired, his sons now running the large shop
with a staff of some thirty or forty, top-of-the-line machinery, and
excellent work.         In years past he has sponsored extensive workshops for
binders in southern California, including several given by Bernard
Middleton, who stays at Mel's home when visiting.  Kater-Craft has the
capacity to do virtually an sort of case-binding or other types on demand.
I refer virtually all of the multi-volume work to him, and his prices, by
virtue of the commercial processes, are quite reasonable.
        The Library Binding Institute includes his shop as one of the dozen or so
certified library binderies in the country.  I suspect that any of the rest
of them could probably do similar work, but Mel's specializes, to a large
degree, in doing fine binding as well as standard production library
        It's worth keeping in your file.

Charles Schermerhorn

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