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slide film for taking pictures of books

Hi everyone,

I'm asking this both as a book conservator and a book artist.  What is the
preferred film, and I'm going to assume it is slide film, for documenting
conservation work and keeping a record of works or art (ones you have made).

I have been using mostly Kodachrome because way back somewhere that is what
I was told was best.  Developing Kodachrome is getting more difficult, at
least in my neck of the woods.  I also use Ektachrome, especially when I
need something developed fast, because I can get one day service here.
Both make reasonably good slides, as long as me and my camera are working

What I would like to know is what do others use, why, pluses/minuses,
storage/preservation concerns, etc.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for any facts, opinions, thoughts, personal testimonies ...

 *  Eric C. Alstrom
 *  Collections Conservator
 *  Preservation Department
 *  Ohio Univeristy
 *  Athens, Ohio  45701
 *  740-593-0648
 * alstrom@xxxxxxxxx
 * http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~alstrom

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