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Removing tape

Wayne Smith tells of using lighter fluid to remove scotch and other
self-adhesive tapes.
There are a number of brands of adhesive release fluid.  One such is
Unseal, sold by Demco Library Supplies, available in quarts for $15.49 +
S&H.  1-800-356-1200.  An excellent product, but toxic, so use with plenty
of ventilation.
I apply it directly to the edges of the tape, as well as on the back of the
page if necessary, and begin pushing the tape up with a stiff,
short-bristle brush.  If there is gum remaining on the surface after the
film is removed, a small amount applied with a dab on a paper towel will
remove it.
I've used this or similar products for years, and it's superior to any
other method other than sheer avoidance of tape in the first place.

Charles Schermerhorn

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