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Mailboxes, nomail, ...

With Summer almost here, many of you will be taking off
on vacations or to go to all those great workshops. The list, of course,
will continue to fill your mailboxes. However, BEFORE to take off either
unsub, or set your option to "nomail." Please don't let your boxes get to
the point of overflowing. It that happens, I have to unsub you, which takes
my time, causes you stress and anxiety, and both of us lose... You can find
the full set of instructions and option in the FAQ at the URL below. If you
have any questions, please contact me directly.

Also, please send all commands to: listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is the automated listserver. I'll only issue the commands if there is
a technical problem with your address which prevents you from doing it.

Thank you for your cooperation.


                                >>> I loved working in the library. <<<
>>There was something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

Peter D. Verheyen
     <wk> 315.457.5070 ext.

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