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Decorative Note Pad Holder

I've made many of these and have a simple method.  I covered the spine with
bookcloth and my marbled paper on the outside boards.  The inside front
cover can have either more decorative paper or a contrasting solid piece of
paper.  The inside of the back board doesn't need to be covered as the note
pad will be adhered to it thus:  cut a piece of sturdy paper (such as
mi-teintes) about 2/3'rds the lenght of the note pad and long enough to wrap
around the cardboard backing of the note pad and secure with tape or glue.
The paper wrap shoud be snug enough to hold the note pad, but loose enough
to allow it to slip out when you need to replace it.  Glue the paper wrap to
the back of the inside cover.  The note pad will slide in quite easily.
(Glue it in as a unit, not just the wrap alone).

Good luck,

d. guffey

At 05:45 PM 6/2/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a book or books which could show me how to make a
>decorative folder for a small note pad?  The folder's outer form looks like
>a bookcover.  What I'm having trouble with is making a durable slit for the
>notepad to slide in and out of.
>with many thanks for your assistance
>Tish Berlin

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