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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 1 Jun 1998 to 2 Jun 1998

In a message dated 6/2/98 11:07:42 PM, you wrote:

<< Can anyone tell me what I can add to paper which
I'm making that contains natural inclusions.... >>
        There are 3 problems, pulp goes bad over time, the inclusions make the pulp
go bad more quickly, and the inclusions mold up or brown.  Refrigerating the
pulp will slow down the molding process for all three, but only for awhile.
Keeping the buckets clean and covered before they go into the frig helps.
Freezing is an option if you need to keep the pulp for a long time but the
pulp is not exactly the same after freezing and rehydrated as before.  If the
inclusions aare plant-matter, they need to be prepared=dried properly before
use...hanging them up vertically so thry will drain like they do for dried
flowers.  If pulp begins to smell, you can always put a couple of drops of
bleach into a quart of water and mix it well into the pulp.  THEN, you need to
rinse your pulp well to get out the bleach.  It's abit  labor intensive, but
it works.  good luck!

Lastly, for all those who requested copies of my Dobbin Books catalog and
never received one:  my apologies and an explanation:  HarperCollins quickly
ran out of the first run of catalog they produced and I decided to print out
more on my computer.  Then, my computer died.  Then, my new Mac 7300 came with
a bugged operational system... then, after de-bugging the system I was a month
behind on work and never got to the project.  If anyone is still interested,
please email me directly and I will try to produce some catalogs over the

Dobbin Mill@xxxxxxx
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Mill/Dobbin Books
50-52 Dobbin Street
 Brooklyn, NY 11222

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