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Millimeter Binding

Millimeter binding is a style that was developed to conserve the use of
scarce leather. It gets its name from the fact that one millimeter of
leather is exposed and the remainder of the binding is in paper. There
are two forms:
1. The leather is exposed on the head and tail of the boards and a paper
is adhered from the foreedge of the front board to the foreedge of the
back board, or
2. The leather is exposed on the foreedges of the boards and used on
the  spine with a millimetter exposed on the spine edge of the front and
back boards. The paper is then placed vertically on the front and back

This sytle of binding was demonstarted by John Hyltoft(sic) at the Guild
of Book Workers annual Standards Seminar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Bob Nelson

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