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Re: Paper question

Hi Melissa,

>When adding inclusions such as flower petals, it is very important that the
>flowers be dried

Does it make a difference in the long run if the floral inclusions are dried
before hand or simply dried with the rest of the paper between the rotated
blotters? As long as you're using inclusions that aren't so bulky that they
won't dry at the same rate as the paper, is there a difference? I'm curious
because there are times when the bleeding from dried petals isn't suitable
for what I'm doing.

>Pampas (sp?) grass is on my list of plant materials to experiment with this

I made a batch of Papmas grass paper and was amazed at how easily it cooked
up. As a matter of fact, I had to cut down on the beating if I wanted to
retain any noticeable longer fibers in the finished paper. I loved the look
of the sturdy, uniform color sheets.

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