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Re: Millimeter binding

>Could someone please let me know what a millimeter binding is? I've
>checked my Greenfield book, Carter's ABC for Book Collectors, and I
>haven't yet ordered the Etherington volume. I also did a web search with
>no luck. I can't stand the suspense any longer!
>Thanks in advance.
>Lavinia Adler

Etherington is on line at http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/don/toc/toc1.html.
However, if I may extend the thread, I can't find in Etherington any
serious mention of two binding practices I have questions about: the use of
mother-of-pearl as inlays in mid-19th century bindings, and a scrapbook
binding which I can only describe since I have not been able to come up
with a term whose definition matches it. It has insets within perhaps a 3/4
inch tooled leather frame, with the insets being of woven strips of cloth
less than 1/4 inch wide, upper and lower covers of different patterns,
upper an under-two-over-one (I think my memory is correct, the book is not
at hand), lower a herring bone  My guess of date would be the last half of
the 19th century.  The book is filled with scraps all of religious nature;
those with captions are nearly all in English, though a couple in German,
French & Latin.  There are no dates on the scraps, imprints include NY,
London, & Germany.  The scraps include uncolored and hand-colored
engravings but a majority are printed chromos.

Any information, direction, or more appropriate terms will be appreciated.

John Renjilian

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