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Re: Paper question


<<Does it make a difference in the long run if the floral inclusions are
before hand or simply dried with the rest of the paper between the rotated
blotters? As long as you're using inclusions that aren't so bulky that they
won't dry at the same rate as the paper, is there a difference? I'm curious
because there are times when the bleeding from dried petals isn't suitable
for what I'm doing.>>

I can tell you from experience that yes...it does indeed make a difference.
 Last summer I had the same thought as yourself....I was working with some
petals from a flower that my mother in law calls "Golden Glow"...I believe
it is a type of ceropis (sp?)...anyway, they were significantly thin, so I
added them to my vat without drying, believing that they would dry with the
paper.  Indeed they did, and the paper was quite lovely.....for awhile
;)......I now have a wonderful stack of these papers with the flower petals
a variety of shades of brown.....so I would advise drying no matter what.

I have a tip regarding bleeding....I'm not sure where I have picked this up
from...and like I said I am more of a jack of all trades, master of none
kind of person.

When working with fresh flower petals like roses for instance...and you
want no bleeding...separate the petals and put them to soak in some warm
water for an unknown (sorry) period of time.  Evidently this is supposed to
help "leach" out some of the natural dye in the rose petals....rinse them
well, add them to the pulp in your vat.  Then you must dry the papers
immediately....If I remember right the woman I got this tip from said she
had something that A dry cleaner would use to press clothes...a table top
presser.  She would put the freshly pulled sheet of paper into this iron
presser and would dry and press the paper at the same time.  Will it work
by just ironing the paper with a regular iron?...probably...but I admit to
never trying it.

Of course I dream of stumbling across such a presser at a junk sale
somewhere...but as of this date it has been two years of looking, and no
finding.  I imagine a contraption like this would be expensive if purchased
new :).

Thank you for the tip on the Pampas Grass!  Guess I know what I will be
doing soon!
Hope I was able to help some.
Only good things,

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