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Can anyone direct me to a source for 20 wt. red tag board, as used in small
bible covers and as spine stiffener?
I asked Gane Brothers, but they don't carry it.
I called Talas on May 27, and spoke, finally, to the man there.  He took my
order for ten sheets.  I need it for use in two binding repair orders I
I called back today to find out when it had been shipped.  The girl could
find no record of the order, and said Jake, to whom I presumably gave the
order, was out of town, returning Monday.  Told her to cancel the order she
couldn't find.
I called Bookmakers who took the order, but said they did not carry it in
stock, and would take three to four weeks to get.
Where does the stuff come from - Europe - and is there no supplier in the
U.S. able to fill small orders like this?
Charles Schermerhorn

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