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Ms. Adler:

I also saw admiration, etc.  and appreciation of Cuban bookbindery in Ms.
Bona Dea's letter.  However, I also saw this admiration and appreciation
framed within an overlying sense of 'Bestowing Gifts Upon Lesser, Helpless

As you will note, I specifically replied to exact sentences which were grey
in meaning.  As book artists, this list specifically serves people who are
involved in the commerce of words.  Language is a heavy thing, a specific
thing, and a powerful thing.  Use it specifically.  If someone words
something in a manner which can be misunderstood, then the person who
misunderstands has every right to demand clarification of the words which
have confused clear meanings.

Also, e-mail/computer language has a way of muddling up specificity in
language in a way which can create miscommunication while simultaneously
enhancing communication.

So perhaps I misunderstood; perhaps I didn't.  I don't think it's possible
to 'read things' into written words.  They are on the page, or on the
computer, as symbolic, legible, communicable icons which function as
linguistic communication.  Therefore, I could 'read in' to Ms. Bona Dea's
statements only if we were having a face to face conversation in which body
language and speech inflection could potentially blur and/or confuse her
meaning.  As words, these statements sit on the page/computer screen
irrevocably; like art, they are subject to interpretation.

So, basically, it's a matter of opinion, and that's my opinion.

--Madeleine Fix

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