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Re: Acidic Red-Tag board.

Since getting a warning from Jane Brown about the acidic qualities of
red-tag board
and recommending bristol board I found the following:
         University Products, Ph. 1-800-628-1912, has an acid-free bristol-board.
        Perma/Dur Heavy Duty Folder Stock.  .020 thickness, which is the same as
the sample of Red-tag as I was provided,
item # 750-2620, 15"x20"  package of 50, $54.50 + s&h.
        It is described thus:
        "It has a variety of uses in addition to the construction of sturdy
protective folders.  Ideal for making phase boxes, vertical standing
dividers, print backings, drawer liners, lightweight mats, etc.  (must be
folded along the grain.)"
        This is one of six grades shown in their current catalog.,
and sizes range from 30"x40" to 15"x20" depending on product.
They're in Massachusetts, & said delivery to west coast in about 5 days.

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