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Re: Was Cuban Bookbinders

Thank you very much for this very decent statement. I have been reading the
derogatory/arguementative postings with dismay. I enjoyed the  forwarded post
from Jack and as a hispanic minority (Puerto Rico, not Cuba) did not find
ANYTHING to take offense at in his post. It was not only generous of him to
undertake the trip, it was generous of him to share the experience. Thank you,
Rosa Madera
 This list is for sharing ideas and experiences about book arts, not for
 academic deconstruction of people's submissions. Jack's trip was
 well-intentioned and well-received (from the sounds of it), not to
 mention a challenging and admirable undertaking-- a trip I know I would
 have trouble accomplishing, to any country. Whatever your feelings on
 Cuba, the main theme I took away from reading about Jack's experience is
 that art can trancend borders and politics. Let's keep positive about
 the efforts of our fellow book artists (before Peter cuts our thread

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