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Re: Paper question

I tried drying cherry blossoms
> in a phone book and they all turned brown.  :(  At the same time I also
> some fresh ones into the paper.  They were all brown a few days later.  I
> wish I knew about the microwave technique back then, I could have tested
> the cherry blossom petals with the microwave.  Oh well... Guess I'll have
> to do some more hunter gathering for flowers in the garden...   <g>

As you may know, many flowers whether dried quickly, slowly or fresh and
drying along with the paper, will dry brown no matter what you do!  It's
just their nature!

The best results for flower petals maintaining their colour, are the
flowers that dry well.  Ask your friendly dried flower arranger which
flowers they prefer and start with those.  My best results have always been
previously dried flowers sprinkled into the vat and continually mixed into
the pulp before pulling a sheet.  They maintain their colour and don't
usually bleed or very little.


Colette Vosberg

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