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Semantic discussion

To the Book Arts List:

I've been through a mix of emotions since posting the information Bob
shared with me about his trip to Cuba -  it's gone from "NO, NO, NO,
that's not what he/I ment!" to, "Gosh, are we still talking about

I've pondered it all out for myself - how I can fell better about the
entire situation, how to feel safe posting to the List, how to accept
criticism without having to clean up the blood afterward, etc.  Anyone
who had been on either end of this kind of thread will relate, I'm sure.
There are no angels and no devils here, just a bunch of diverse book
folks who have access to technology.

Given all that, I have one suggestion to make.  When responding to any
posting, please consider posting directly to the original writer first,
especially when the subject to be discussed isn't directly related to
book/binding issues.  If after that posting, either party feels the need
to discuss it with the larger group, hopefully, no one will feel
ambushed.  Maybe even a quick note to let the other party know the
subject is going global.

Remember, no matter what your position, we all trade places with alarming



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