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Serif 1998 Typographic Design Competition

Apologies to those who may see this more than once....

Awards will be given in two divisions:=20
New Type Face Design and Typographic Design

*   New Type Face Design
This is category is open to any new typeface design, either
unpublished or released after 1 January 1997. Entrants should submit
four copies of a printed showing of the face showing the full
character set and a sample use of the face. If the face is in a
digital format, please submit a copy of the face in Type 1 format for
the Macintosh or PC. An entry item is considered to be either a single
typeface or a family of related typefaces.

*   Typographic Design
This category is open to any work whose primary visual interest is
typographic, unpublished or first published after 1 January
1997. Entrants should submit four copies of the work (photographs are
acceptable for environmental entries). An item is considered to be a
single work or a group of related works (e.g., several pieces in a
promotional campaign, or issues of a periodical).  Entries will not be
returned unless specifically requested and return packaging and
postage is included with the entry.

In each category there will be a first, second and third prize awarded
plus three judge's picks. Winning entries will be published in Serif
and displayed at the 1998 ATypI conference. All winners will receive a
one year subscription to Serif.  In addition, first, second and third
prize winners will receive:
*   First: FontLab 3.0/ScanFont 3.0 bundle; Agfa SnapScan 600 Art Line
*   Second: FontLab 3.0
*   Third: ScanFont 3.0

FontLab is an advanced font editor which allows editicing and creation
of TrueType, Type 1 and Multiple Master fonts with full support for
all of the special features of these fonts including all of the
hinting capabilities of those formats.

ScanFont allows any image file to be converted into a high quality
typeface through customizable autotracing. Images can be scanned
directly into ScanFont from any twain-supported scanner and images can
be edited before being traced. ScanFont integrates automatically with

The Agfa SnapScan 600 Art Line is a Mac and PC compatible single-pass
high-speed 30 bit scanner with an optical resolution of 600 x 1200 and
scanning resolutions of up to 4800 ppi. The scanner can scan originals
as large as 8.5 x 11.7" and includes Agfa FotoLook/FotoSnap scanning
software, image editing software, Visioneer PaperPort, Soap SE, Bryce
SE, Kai=D5s PowerTools SE and Convolver.

All entries must be received by 30 June 1998. =20
Entries should be sent to
Serif 1998 Typographic Design=20
Competition Dept. C-3
3916 Elmwood Ave.
Stickney, IL 60402

*   Charles Hughes
  Charles Hughes is a type designer whose designs include ATF's=20
  Century Nova.
*   Amos Kennedy
  Amos Kennedy is a book builder who currently teaches in the art
  department at Indiana University. =20
*   Carlos Segura
  Carlos Segura is an internationally known designer and the creative
  force behind the type foundry [T-26].

The second Serif Typographic Design Competition is sponsored by
*   Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography (primary sponsor)
*   Pyrus: Your source for FontLab (gold sponsor)
*   Agfa Typography (silver sponsor)
Employees of sponsoring companies and their immediate families are not
allowed to enter. Entries previously published by sponsoring
companies are also disallowed.=20

Don Hosek           dhosek@xxxxxxxxxxx    Quixote Digital Typography
312-953-3679        fax: 312-803-0698     orders: 800-810-3311
http://www.quixote.com/serif/ or mail serif-info@xxxxxxxxxxx

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