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Re: Karen Crisalli on a soap-box

> I am thankful for every bump, bruise, burn, cut and abrasion I have. And
> next time you think twice about using your seat-belt or consider for a
> disconnecting your air bag, give me a call .... I would love to show you
> scars ... because I am ALIVE to be ABLE to show them to you!

I understand how you are feeling and so thankful to be alive.  I nearly
drowned trying to save someone else from drowning a few months back.  It
was a horendous experience that replayed in my head for days.  It makes one
think how precious life is and how frail we really are.

Thanks for sharing your story, and your absolutely right about seat belts
and airbags.  They are life savers.  Even in small crashes where one can be
capulted into the windsheld and crack their head on it - concussion or
whiplash that can reoccur rest of ones life.  Lets respect our frailties
and take precautions.

End of my 2 cents worth.

Colette Vosberg

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