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August 3-7,  9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Space limited to 5 participants. =20
Please register by June 31, 1998 with a deposit of $50.

THE PAINTED BOOK is a metaphoric investigation into structures
technologies that departs from where fine bookbinding left off in the
part of this century. THE PAINTED BOOK endeavors to move on,
deconstructed, alternative spaces and images, refined techniques
and novel
materials. This dissolve integrates the aesthetic experience of
the visionary
bookbinder with that of artists from many other disciplines.
In this intensive
we will construct an embryonic book structure, explore
and encode it both
inside and out in numerous ways in order to investigate,
in depth, the nature
of this four-dimensional, time-based sculpture. It is
a time of potent
experiments with materials and techniques linked with some
bookbinding. THE PAINTED BOOK will graft the ideas of self
expression and
realization and compound them in a book form of
contextualized, framed space.=20

PLANETARY COLLAGE provides the basic bookbinding materials including:
board, paper, thread, needles, washi, PVA, glue brushes and other
mediums we will all use.=20

Students will need to provide their own image-making art supples. These
include basic drawing materials, ink and pens, various brushes,
pastels and a
basic palette of Acrylic paint.=20


Saturday, August 8,  9:30 am to 4:30 pm     =20

$120   Includes strop materials
Space is limited to 5 participants.=20
Please register by June 31, 1998 with a deposit of $50

The dominant focus is on the leather paring knife, an essential instrument
the craft of bookbinding. But so much of the physics of blade sharpening
maintenance crosses over that with practice, all your implements will
be very
sharp including your kitchen knives!  Students will be introduced
to oil and
water stones, elementary metallurgy, strop making and the other
necessities of
the process. On completion, you will leave with a honing
strop as part of the
workshop. Bring an implement you=92d like to sharpen and
a lunch or plan take-
out from the neighborhood=92s choices. Refreshers will
be provided.

August 17 - 21, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
$325    Basic studio materials included
Space is limited to 5 participants.   =20
Please register by June 31, 1998  with a deposit of $50 and your

This is an opportunity to work intensively on individually directed
using the facilities of Planetary Collage. Some projects may fall
outside of
the regular curriculum of BOOK STRUCTURES. Possible topics are
bindings, gold tooling and eccentric finishing techniques,
printing, drawing,
tool making, paper decorating etc. Session is limited to
5 players, each with
a plan of engagement. Individual attention and
instruction as necessary.
Projects will be discussed ahead of time and
supplies/suppliers/additional costs will be identified for each
project with
ample time for individuals to acquire any special materials. =20


Saturday, August 22, 1998, 12 to 5 pm
$90.00    Materials included
Space is limited to 5 participants.=20
Please register by June 31, 1998 with a deposit of $50
The bone folder is probably the most often used tool in the
arsenal. In this intensive we will reshape the existing
standard into a new,
personalized form that serves a variety of functions.
Basic techniques of
sawing bone, carving and shaping will be taught as well
as a discussion of
blade design, structure and use. We will scrimshaw into
the folders, adding
ornament to function.You may bring bone folders that
you have and wish to
shape but you will be provided with bone materials as
part of your lab fee.
Bring a lunch if you wish. Refreshers will be provided.

Timothy C. Ely began making books as early as 1957. An interest in UFO
alchemy, science, comic books and odd religious arcana lead him
from painting
and design into bookbinding.  An NEA grant in 1981 took him
to Japan and
Europe for training in the traditional methods of book
fabrication. He has
collaborated with ethno-botanist Terence McKenna on
Synesthesia, a limited
edition book published in 1992 by Granary Books in
New York.  In 1994 he was
awarded an NEA Western States Arts Federation
Grant. His first trade book, The
Flight into Egypt, was published in 1995
by Chronicle Books of San Francisco.
His one-of-a-kind books are in public
and private collections worldwide. He
resides in Oregon where he maintains
a bindery and library.

>>     In schoen gebunden Buechern blaettert man gern.     <<

Peter D. Verheyen   =20
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