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Re: Karen Crisalli on a soap-box

Karen Crisalli wrote:
> Many of you know me from business dealings, or from the occasional posting I
> have contributed to this list. Allow me to go way, way "off topic" here and
> put my two cents worth on a subject that has nothing to do with book arts:
> I live in New Jersey, and I drove down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a few
> weeks ago, to help my 26 year old son move into his new apartment (we have
> long had a vacation house there, and finally persuaded our son to move from
> back from California to South Carolina). Three days after arriving there, my
> son and I were involved in a high-speed head-on collision on the highway. A
> driver coming the other direction lost control of her car, spun across two
> lanes of oncoming traffic and hit us head-on at what the police said was "the
> equivalent of 130 miles an hour into a brick wall". My car has (make that HAD)
> dual air-bags, and we were both wearing our seat-belts, which is the point of
> this note.
> Fortunately, my son and my injuries will heal just fine, and it is amazing
> that we actually broke no bones in this crash, for it was a doozie!  I did
> suffer massive bruises, cuts, lumps and bumps from ankle to knee (I actually
> cracked the dashboard with my leg/knee, but didn't 'crack' the leg itself!);
> lost a lot of skin on my right arm which is also swollen and badly bruised
> from wrist to above the elbow, and have seat-belt bruises and swelling both on
> my hips (from the lap belt) and "banner-style" across my shoulder and chest
> from the shoulder belt, plus trauma to the chest wall from the impact of the
> airbag which activated at a force equivalent to nearly 200 miles an hour
> according to the police! Despite all this, I was released from the hospital
> the same day, thank you thank you thank you!
> these devices are the ONLY reason my son and I are still alive except perhaps
> for the added advantage of having been driving an 11-month old heavy, sturdy
> Lincoln Town Car, which is now totalled but held up enough to save us. I have
> heard folks say "I know somebody who was hurt by the the air bag/the seatbelt,
> DISCONNECTING YOUR AIR BAGS. There are far, far more lives saved (mine, for
> one!) by these protective devices than the small number of negative incidents.
> (note: We're not talking here about children, which have NO place in the front
> seat of a car; my comments are directed to adults).
> I am thankful for every bump, bruise, burn, cut and abrasion I have. And the
> next time you think twice about using your seat-belt or consider for a second
> disconnecting your air bag, give me a call .... I would love to show you my
> scars ... because I am ALIVE to be ABLE to show them to you!
> I hope that the fact that some of you on this list actually know me will
> maybe, just maybe, cause you to spend just an extra second considering what I
> have said ...
> because without the belts and airbags, I wouldn't be alive to harp on you!
> Okay, okay, I'm off the soap-box now.
> Regards,
> Karen L. Crisalli
> (formerly Bookbinder's Warehouse, and current President of The Guild of
> BookWorkers)
Dear Karen;
I agree on the belts and bags and thank all the Gods and Goddesses
you're still with us!!!Dea Sasso

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