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This site is worth a visit ....... ------

The following message came in on the Typo list and, with the sender's
permission, I thought I'd forward it to this list, as the site might be of
some additional interest to people here.

Ron :)

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>Date:         Sat, 6 Jun 1998 13:03:24 +0200
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>Sender: TYPO-L Discussion of Type and Typographic Design
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>From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman@xxxxx>
>Subject:      This site is worth a visit ....... ------
>To: TYPO-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>This is one of the best orgnized and most beautiful sites I've ever come
>across. The focus here is a medieval manuscript. The site features are a
>paragon of cimplicity and user-friendly management of scholalrly knowldge.
>The information structure and close-up zoom features can be adapted to
>dozens of disciplines.
>This site is worth a visit for anyone planning a web site or interested in
>infromation design, information structures and knowledge heirarchies.
>5.  The Life of Edward the Confessor--CUL
>Cambridge University library has recently made available online "the only
>copy of a thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman, illuminated Life of St. Edward
>the Confessor." The manuscript, written in the 1230s or 40s and executed in
>the 1250s or 60s, is well-preserved, and its new availability should be a
>boon for medievalists. Cambridge's site allows users to page through all 37
>folios, beginning with the first, or to obtain descriptions of each folio
>and view them selectively. Users can zoom in on all or part of a page or
>view pages side-by-side. The site also includes a brief introduction to the
>manuscript and suggestions for further reading. [TK]
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