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Alliance event

        After receiving a notice of the Alliance for Contemporary Book Arts
meeting in Los Angeles in the mail, and then seeing word of it somewhere
here, I took the day and drove the 150 miles south to attend.  San
Francisco has its share of gatherings, but folks and organizations in
Southern California are so spread out that it's hard to get anything
together with any regularity.  Mel Kavin graciously hosted numerous ones at
his Kater Craft Bindery in Pico Rivera for years, and though the Guild of
Bookworkers is supposed to have a Southern Cal chapter these difficulties
seem to have rendered it problematical.  No criticism, here, folks, just an
        The Alliance gathering at Dawson's Bookstore on Larchmont, in Hollywood,
attracted more than a dozen "exhibitors," some demonstrators, and many
dozens of attendees.  In all, though I arrived somewhat late, I thought it
an excellent event, and well worth the trip down.  I even found (and
bought) the only copy on the shelf of Bernard Middleton's "History of
English Book Craft Techniques."
        There were a number of folks I had met before, some during the early Guild
meetings at Kater-Craft, with whom it was nice to renew acquaintances, and
of course new contacts were made.
        Book-sellers, printers, binders, writers, and other technicians spent the
hours comparing notes, asking questions, giving advice, and otherwise doing
the things for which such meetings are most important.  I personally gained
several little tips on binding which will be helpful, and hope that the few
that I shared will prove useful to those who seemed interested.
        Notably, several of the folks there are on this site's list and were able
to comment on some of the issues raised during the past week or two.  Some
of them, whom I had not previously met, recognized my name from my own
postings, and thus familiarity was easily acquired; an added advantage of
this BookArts site.
        I hope that further events by the Alliance will develop, and that those of
you who are close enough to get in take advantage of the excellent
programs.  Though this one was to go from Friday night, I think, into
Sunday, I was not able to be there for more than the afternoon, but on even
that brief basis, can recommend it highly.  Very nice people, and a
wonderful setting.
        And, of course, Thanks to Dawson's for providing the space.
Charles Schermerhorn
Lompoc, Ca.

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