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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 1 Jun 1998 to 2 Jun 1998

Hi Robbin,

Saw your message on the Book-Arts list and just wanted to say hi! Thanks for
your help those last days in NY! We arrived in Portland about a week ago.
We've been home-hunting and it seems we have landed a great place (to be
confirmed tomorrow). It is a little 2-story cottage in the woods but also in
the city... great location... owned by a Japanese man and his American wife
who is a Japanese Tea Sensei. There is even a tea-house next door where she
teaches and practices.

We are temporarily staying in their B&B until their daughter moves out and the
place gets a new roof. There is a small space which I hope to convert into a
paper studio...

I bumped into Barb Tetenbaum on the street the other day. Will call Marilyn
this week! Portland is gorgeous -- come visit!

Love to you both,


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