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Re: Adhesives

You sent, 8 Jun 11:34,

>I'm trying to determine which adhesive is the best to use in the
>following instances:
>1.  adhering paper to davey board
>     a.  cloth cover paper to board
>     b.  decorative cover paper to board

I am not familiar with davey board, but presume it is similar to mill board.
I use hide glue generally for sticking covers to the boards as described in
various books.   Sometime mixed with made up starch or flour paste to slow the
drying and absorption -  this gives me time to turn the edges not being an
It is goes without saying that one may need to test the materials for stretch
in the first instance.

>2.  signature papers to end papers
These made endpapers again I usually use flour paste, watching the paper grain
and stretch.   I lightly press the made papers for some time, before they are
completely dry.

>3.  end papers to board

Similarly as for the made endpapers

>I've been searching several FAQ's on bookbinding websites and can't seem
>to find a straight answer!  I'd like to use archival materials, but it
>seems as though most people use PVA (which I've read is not archival).

I find that my PVA dries too quickly to use for large areas as above.

Rodney Fry
Crowthorne, UK
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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