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Re: Purple Calf

Bob Roberts wrote:
> I need purple calfskin. Not wine or lavender, but a healthy, bright,
> royal purple. Bookmakers and W. Pearce do not carry...
> Bob
I've done the following in situations like that:
use either an original Tanning colour, which is usually pigmented and
needs to be cooked up to dye natural calf, if you need gloss or a shiny
surface, dry the skin on glas or use wachs.
You can also use acrylic dies - regular acrylics from the Art Shop,
dlute a bit and apply in layers on a througout soaked skin(water).
Shrut & Asch leather Co.
132 Ipswich St. Boston Mass. 02215 (617)247-2288 have an intense purple
Aniline Kid which also might do for your use.
Good Luck!

charles mohr

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