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Book Arts Symposium and Workshop in Walla Walla, WA

Hi, everyone...

This is my first time on the list, and I hope you will forgive a
mass-mailing.  I promise I will not normally do this. :)  Anyway, we at
Whitman College are sponsoring our second annual Book Arts Symposium and
Workshop, and I'd like to let anyone who is interested know about it.

The program, "Traditions in the Book Arts: Contemporary Explorations,"
will feature workshops, lectures, and presentations by book artists from
around the country, including internationally renowned painter and
sculptor Jim Dine.  Dine, who has worked as poet and translator as well as
artist on many books, will create the next book of poems and images to be
published by the Whitman College Book Arts Press.

Registration for the 5 day program is $350.  For registration forms and
information about on-campus housing, call the Whitman Summer Programs
Office at (509) 527-5251, or email Brian Dohe, head of summer programs, at

The program begins Monday, July 20 at 1 PM with an introduction to the
Whitman College Book Arts publishing and educational activities by artist
Keiko Hara, professor of art at Whitman, and coordinator of the college's
book arts program.  Examples of book art by Whitman students and books
published by the Whitman College Book Arts Press will be on display.
Other presentations that day include a tour of the book arts facility and
a presentation by Dine and two New York publishers on the production of a
limited edition book.  Monday's presentations are free and open to the
public, but please call the Summer Programs Office (number listed above)
to be put on a guest list.  All registered workshop participants are
guaranteed a space in Monday's activities.

Workshops Tuesday through Friday include "Linkstitch Variations and the
Italian Longstitch: New Approaches to Tradition at the end of a
Millenium," taught by John Carrera, book conservator and proprietor of the
Quercus Press; "Making Images for Books," by Ruth Lingen, director of the
Spring Street Workshop, New York City, and proprietor of the Poote Press;
and "Printing an Exquisite Beast: A Collaborative Letterpress Adventure,"
by Anna Hepler, visiting artist and professor, Whitman College Art
Department, and proprietor of the Beo Press.

Evening sessions on the Nuremberg Chronicle, how to make
cliche-verreprints, the Quercus Press, Japanese stenciling and the Poote
Press will be open to the public as well as workshop participants.

For more information, please contact Keiko Hara, professor of Art, Whitman
College at (509) 527-5255 or harak@xxxxxxxxxxxx  You may also get
information from Brian Dohe, head of Summer Programs, at (509)527-5251 or
email him at dohe@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks again for your time!
Laura Boston
Whitman College

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