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Re: Adhesives

>I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me...
>I'm trying to determine which adhesive is the best to use in the
>following instances:
>1.  adhering paper to davey board
>     a.  cloth cover paper to board
>     b.  decorative cover paper to board
>2.  signature papers to end papers
>3.  end papers to board
>I've been searching several FAQ's on bookbinding websites and can't seem
>to find a straight answer!  I'd like to use archival materials, but it
>seems as though most people use PVA (which I've read is not archival).
>Any help that you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated!

     I spoke with my father, Greg Campbell, on this and (if I took my notes
right) this is his understanding after 20+ years dealing with Davey board
and of being a commercial binder.

     PVA falls into two general categories, those that are externally
plasticized and those that are internally plasticized.  First the external;
this provides for a stronger initial bond but over time has a tendency to
breakdown.  The plasticizers (real word?) migrate out of the PVA and cause
brittleness and/or crystallization in the adhesive.  The internal variety
is manufactured specifically so that this migration doesn't (shouldn't?
Can't be too careful with absolutes.) occur but provides for a weaker bond.
However, it remains flexible for a longer period of time; until it too
succumbs to the elements (i.e. humidity, sunlight, etc.)  We use the
externally plasticized PVA for text block to cover attachment (not much
flexing there) and the internally plasticized PVA for application to the
spine, which for obvious reasons needs to be flexible.  For case making we
still use "animal" glue although I have been told that it is currently made
with less emphasis on animal products and more emphasis on...what ever it
is they use in exchange.  As for Davey board I was told that they
manufacture there board from a mixture of used paper sources including
corrugated board, newspaper, and even airline tickets.  The story is that
some years back Davey ran short of it's regular used paper and had to
purchase tons of airline tickets.  This caused there board to have a pink
color for some time.  If by archivability you are referring strictly to the
ph of the products you may want to test the Davey board you are using.  As
for the PVA, as someone else already posted, it can be purchased ph


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