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Re: looking for a Judaica scholar


I am research associate to special collections at the Library of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America.

The work, "The Republic of the Jews", is by Peter van der Cun, known also by
the Latinized form Petrus Cunaeus.  Unfortunately, not much is known about
him, except that he was active in the Netherlands and lived from 1586-1638.

A number of editions of this work were printed; our library possesses 5:
Leyden 1632 (editio princeps, in Latin),  Amsterdam 1700 (in Dutch; our copy
is exquisitely hand-colored and illuminated), Amsterdam 1705 (in French),
Amsterdam 1713 (again in French, but with commentary and notes by Samuel
Basnage), Leyden 1732 (Latin).  The work deals with the history of the
Israelite kingdom and religio-political practices, from its nascency with
Moses in the wilderness, to its heyday under Solomon.

I hope this answers a few questions.

All the best, Seth Jerchower

> Subject: looking for a Judaica scholar
> I have access to a miniature volume which is part of a trilogy
> entitled Petri
> Cunai
> (?) last word not clear,de Republica Hebraerum, dated 1632. It is further
> inscribed ex officina Elzeviriana. It's printed in Latin with some Hebrew
> interspersed. Is there anyone out there who could tell me if they know
> anything about this book?

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